Mobile Video Technology
It's time for publishers to start listening to their users when it comes to video advertising.

Ad Latency Hurts Premium Publishers


People cite slow load speeds as a key motivator for AdBlocking, putting the entire ad supported content industry in peril.

Lost Revenue

Slow loading ads get seen less often, creating missed opportunities to generate ad revenue from active users.

Sluggish Page or App Loading

Slow ads do more than interrupt the user, they can also slow down the overall performance of a publisher’s site or app.

Audience Attrition

According to research by Akamai Technologies “1 second increase in delay increases the abandonment rate by 5.8%”.

Poor Image for Publisher

Premium publishers know that a well polished image matters, but poor quality and slow ad experiences can quickly tarnish users’ perception of the publisher’s brand.

The Only Zero-Latency Video Solution for The Programmatic Ecosystem

Mobile Videos that Launch Instantaneously

Our technology ensures that videos launch immediately, without waiting for a streaming video to buffer or load.

100% HD Regardless of Connection Quality

VIDCOIN's videos launch only in full HD with zero loss in quality due to mobile data connection speed.

Compatible with current Standards

VIDCOIN is the only Zero-latency solution that is also VAST and RTB compliant and can run in your existing programmatic ad stack.

Smarter Mobile Ad Serving

VIDCOIN takes a different approach to video ad serving that fundamentally changes the way video ads are delivered to a user’s device.

Programmatic has opened amazing new possibilities for efficiently targeting users, but often at the cost of providing a poor user experience.

Fundamentally Different Video Ad Serving for Mobile

Many people are talking about the need to reduce ad latency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. At VIDCOIN we don't just reduce latency, we eliminate it entirely.
VIDCOIN is the only truly zero-latency programmatic video ad technology.

We achieve this by taking a drastically different approach to delivering video ads to mobile users. It’s not just one technology but a new way of imagining the programmatic ad serving workflow.

phone streaming mobile video demo


VIDCOIN also provides premium mobile publishers with mobile specific video ad formats like vertical video and rewarded video that create a more streamlined mobile ad experience.

VIDCOIN’s pioneering rewarded mobile video formats are 100% user initiated and whitelisted by all ad-blockers. This opens up entirely new, high value video ad inventory for premium publishers.

Of course VIDCOIN’s zero-latency solutions can also be deployed across traditional linear video formats or out-stream for your existing inventory.

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